Fraxel vs. smoothbeam Laser treatment?

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  • 7 years ago

Can any one please give me suggestions which one is good and their pros and cons.

smooth beam Laser Treatment Vs Fraxel laser treatment.

I am not sure which one to select. My doc suggested these 2 treatments for Acne scars.

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It depends on type & extent of the acne scars you have. Both work very well for acne scars. Instead of comparing which one is best among. You need to find out which one is the best for you. A qualified board certified physician who has expereince in using both of these lasers can tell you which one will provide best results for you.
..oh yes, as well Ive read a few surgeons comments where they say 1) that often people have more than one type of acne scar which needs a slghtly different treatment (ie. maybe using just one thing isnt going to clear everything) and 2) that some types of pit scars ned to be ...poked out?.. so that they are raised before the treatment..if your doctor hasnt mentioned this it might be an idea to lok into it..