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Fraxel Re:store and treatment coverage levels?

  • merck
  • texas
  • 4 years ago

hi. i know that higher fluences penetrate deeper and treatment levels determine coverage. however, for skin type 3 in treating soft acne scars, fine lines and enlarged pores. at typical fluenes 35-45 i read here ,what is the ideal treatment level range (7-10)? that provides effective coverage for those indications while at the same time avoiding complications of tranisent pih and redness lasting more than 2 weeks.

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Hi Merck, The higher level of coverage, the greater chance of PIH. It is best to begin at lower levels and it may be bumped up with each subsequent treatment depending upon your healing. Also increasing the time between treatments to 3 to 4 weeks is helpful. Dr. P
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i am italian descent and have both pinkness and light olive tone. so i would think i could be skin type 3 or 4. so wondering, thus if 23 or 26 coverage is safe or too high risk for pih for mild superfical depth acne scars? thank you
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DR. P i know the doctor decides settings, i just like to know for educational reasons. for skin type 4 for light olive skin, or if that would be skin type 3 borderline. anyway with high energies can 23% or 26% be used, or with risk of pih be too high? than you
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Hi Mike, I have not had any problems with PIH at 26% coverage in my type III patients. Every treating physician must decide on treatment parameters based on the patient, what they are treating, and their experience. Dr. P
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Hi Merck, Your individual provider should treat you at levels that he/she is experienced. I have treated patients with your description at 20 to 26% coverage levels. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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for skin type 3 when treating superficial scars and enlarged pores. when at good fluence range. what is typical treatment level range from (7-10) is best for results and to avoid PIE and PIH?

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