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Fraxel Restore - Any Good Reviews out There After 1-2 Year Mark of the Last Procedure?

  • Skinhypopigmentation
  • CA
  • 3 years ago

Hi everyone! May we all have a healthier skin after sharing our experiences and knowledge :) SO are there any positive reviews out there after 1-2 year window time of FRAXEL Restore? Please don't review if you had OTHER fraxels, only Restore. I would like to get something done to improve my hypopigmentation. Thank you!!

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I had 3 fraxels about 5 years ago and don't have any of the problems discussed on these boards. I hadspot treatments so can se that changes are happening in untreated skin as well as treated. In other words, my skin is aging similarly in treated and untreated areas.

Hi Skin, 

You might want to check out the "worth it" reviews here and made send a Personal Message to some of the reviews and see how they are doing now. Hope that helps. 



i was wondering the same seems 90% of the comments reviews are negative would be good to see some positive