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Dark skin from Fraxel Restore

  • 1972Amy
  • united states
  • 4 years ago

I had fraxel restore 2 times. My last treatment was exactly one year ago. It appears that my skin is getting worse as time goes on. Over the summer I noticed a few areas that looked dark below the skin and now a year after treatment I am noticing several areas that are dark under the skin, some of them have very odd patterns.

Does anyone know what this could be? Thank you. I would appreciate to hear from anyone that is going thru the same thing. I would post pictures but it is too upsetting for me. Even writing this post is difficult for me.

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I had 3 Fraxel treatments for acne scars. The first 2 treatments my skin looked a lot better and I was pleased with the results. The 3rd one she turned up the power way up and it hurt so much!! This was 2 years ago and now I have a grayish black very noticeable mark on my right cheek. It actually looks like I have ashes on my right cheek. I doubt it will ever go away and I will never have this done again. I honestly think she burned my skin :(
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I forgot to add I also had very nasty looking broken blood vessels , one under my right eye, many by my nose, and a huge one on the left side of my nose. I'd had laser treatments but they didn't do a thing, that's when Fraxel was recommended. It did get rid of the blood vessel under my eye and my nose, the one on the left side of my nose came back. After that ash looking thing on my cheek I will never have Fraxel again, I'll just live with the broken blood vessel.
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please why don't you write a "not worth it" review. it would really help . it's the least we can do to expose the dangers of fraxel
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Can you tell us a little more about your treatments? How intense was the energy the doctor used?Was it in full power on both treatments? And how was your recovery time?Were you all red and swallen for many days?Did you had blisters?
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I had 2 Fraxel Restore treatments done last year and have started to experience complications. My skin continues to worsen. If I press my finger on my cheeks a red indentation is left on the skin. My skin is scarring. It appears to be damaged below the skin. Please help. Is there a machine that can tell what damage I have below the top layer of skin?

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