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Adverse reactions and lawsuit?

  • Sue in North Carolina
  • Charlotte, NC
  • 3 years ago

Fraxel Repair-has anyone experienced adverse reactions & has a lawsuit against the company?  If so, I need to correspond w/ you

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Sue, I want to be part of a class action lawsuit. I have severe premature aging from only two Fraxel treatments. The doctor argues that Fraxel cannot cause this damage. He also claims (and I don't believe him) that he only used the lowest settings; the last session was unbearably painful, which means a high setting).

However, the photos taken before Fraxel and 15 months later speak something else. No other skin is damaged this bad on me, except the Fraxel areas. Other doctors have told me they have seen considerable damage on patients after Fraxel, but the damage usually develop after one year (exactly what happened to me).
Reply careful. My Mom was told to get fraxel treatments for pre cancerous spots. It actually caused her to have cancer. Hr skin is much worse now then when before she got the treatments. It is like this weird permanent red and her eyebrows fell out and NEVER grew back. She has also started to have the really bad cancer on her face. She is scheduled to have one surgery for her nose this week. Her Drs office no longer reccomends this treamtent and they have removed ALL brochures from thier office. She got screwed BIG TIME! And she has so much more suffering then before she ever started thuis fraxel bullcrap. I am hoping there is some kind of class action lawsuit becaue no one should have had to go through this because they trusted their Dr. Mind you..the Dr was more than happy to take the 7000 bucks that paid to have her face destroyed

I had adverse reaction, loss of elasticity and left with crepey skin only in areas around eyes that were treated. The rest of my skin is great. No lawsuit but researching if anyone is suing.


HI Sue,

Here are the "not worth it" reviews. I'm sure there are people within that community who would be able to help with support and conversation.



I would be very interested to join a class action my face is damaged too. LASER causes damage. I have clear TRACK marks the exact same size as the palomer emerge laser head. This damage is clearly due to the laser. I am really starting to feel the doctors are entirely after profits.