Is Fraxel re:pair better than DeepFX?

  • liemonline
  • Santa Ana, CA, US
  • 6 years ago

I'm an Asian and have suffered from acne scars for over 5 years. Last week, I met a doctor he advised me to have 3 treatments with DeepFX and 1 treatment with ActiveFX after that. They quoted me $4,800. My questions are:

1. I've heard that there is only 1 treatment needed with DeepFX, why he advised me to have 3 treatments?
2. Is the new laser treatment Fraxel re:pair better than DeepFX? Someone says that Fraxel re:pair is better for Asian skin?
3. Can I have Fraxel re:pair and ActiveFX instead?

Comments (3) are your results now? I assume you were attributing the improvement to the swelling. This laser takes many sessions for noticeable improvement and even then it will never be perfect.
Hi, I have had Fraxel 3 times last year for scarring, and I also had Total FX one week ago which is Deep FX and Active FX combined. My skin color is Mediterranean, so I am olivey and pigment easily just as Asian skin does. I can tell you without a doubt that Deep FX is FAR superior to Fraxel. You need to combine it with Active FX to get the best result. I paid $3000 for Total FX in Los Angeles. All of my depressed, 'rolling' scars that I had all over my forehead and cheeks are GONE. I still have a few tiny enlarged pore/icepick type of scars on my cheeks but that is all. I think it depends on what kind of scars you have (icepick, depressed rolling scars, boxcar scars, etc.). It is incredible for rolling scars. You can see the results of my treatment in before/after photos I posted, by clicking on my username skingirl10 and doing a search on my posts. Thanks.
I find it really hard, as an asian searching for a laser solution to scarring from acne, to get answers on the web. there's just so little detail about how these treatments work for people with various skin tones. I hope we here from a laser expert! ~~yin~~