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Should I have Fraxel Laser done abroad?

  • Noor
  • pakistan
  • 5 years ago

I have open pores, scars, and laugh lines. I have already done 4 treatments of Fraxel Laser, but I didn't get any satisfactory results. Should I continue with this treatment? How many treatments are usually required for this procedure? I'm from Pakistan; do you think I should get it done abroad? Any recommendations for doctors abroad?

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I don't know much about aesthetic medicine in Pakistan, but I do know there are hundreds of board certified plastic, facial plastic, dermatologic and oculoplastic surgeons in the U.S. who offer various Fraxel laser treatments.

From what I've read in RealSelf Q&A, Fraxel Restore typically requires 4-6 treatments to see results. You may need to consider the Fraxel Repair CO2 laser if you want to see more significant results for your problem, but be warned: A lot more healing time is required with the Fraxel Repair.

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