Is fraxel only hope for acne scarring and continued breakouts?

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I am 25 year old south asian man. I have battling acne since 19 years of age. My old dermatologists had me on antibiotics and then had me stop. I have alot of scarring and am still continuing to break out. I wash my face on a nightly basis and am willing to try to do whatever to clear up my face and reduce my acne scars. What can I do to clear up the redness. Is fraxel really an option for my dark skin?

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Fraxel isn't going to stop acne and it takes MANY Fraxel treatments to see a significant difference. I would suggest Accutane, even at a low dose. I am 32 and have battled acne my whole life and tried EVERY treatment out there, including 19 Fraxel treatments and most were at the highest level the laser would go (major waste of money for most of them). I can attest to Accutane being the ONLY treatment that successfully treats the acne itself. It DOES have side effects but if you are healthy, you should have only minor side effects, such as dry skin/lips, etc. Accutane has been a heaven-sent in my life and I highly suggest you try it. Once your acne is under control, then I would look into treating the scars. But you don't want to waste money on treatments when the scars will only come back with more acne. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!
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Hi SOS, We have successfully treated Asian acne scarred skin with Fraxel repair. There is an increased risk of PIH, but it will eventually fade. Fraxel repair is great for acne scars. Isolaz is a technology that works well for active acne. Accutane is also effective but has side effects. Good luck and be well. Dr. P
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Can any of you qualified doctors post a response on my question?
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Hi! I thought I'd give a little input. First off, I do NOT think you should go forth and get Fraxel treatment because despite the fact it may have helped people worldwide, it has also ruined MANY faces/bodies worldwide and that is no lie. Think long and hard about whether you want to improve your skin with topical agents that will work or whether you want a burning hot laser sizzling your skin and possibly defacing you.

Nonetheless, I will not preach anymore, it is your decision and I think you should read every single forum on here and online about the bad aspects of Fraxel and then if you do decide to go forth, well atleast you were informed.

This is what I did to help my skin:

1.) When my skin was mild-moderate: (Acne free, which can be bought at Wal-mart. Main ingredient: benzoyl peroxide. NOTE: This works better than ProActiv, which never worked for me, and it is very affordable. Benzoyl Peroxide also never worked for me until I tried this formula, but beware because overuse can cause hyperpigmentation, but you can always treat that later. This is to get rid of acne if you still have outbreaks, if not continue reading.

2.) Clinique three step skin regimine (can be found at any Macy's store or Sephora and possibly Ulta. Isn't just for girls! Does wonders for you skin if used twice a day!)

3.)Collagen lotion *(St. Ives has a good lotion with collagen in it)

4.) Any product with AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) will help)

5.) Mederma Skin CREAM NOT gel!!!!

6.) And, lastly Bio Oil, that wonderful stuff that cured my face!
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By the way, I did not mean to post under this question since I'm not a doctor. I am in college currently with over 100 credits, but still I'm not a doctor so my former post was just my opinion :)
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