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fraxel on arms and upper back

  • Charlies
  • Woodmere, NY
  • 3 years ago

So, I have had a treatment of fraxel on my arms and upper back with the intent of removing some freckles. The freckles were lighter color so DR Rakhtar who is a fraxel expert had recommended fraxel as the best solution, since they are too light for the other lasers. Anyway, i had 1 treatment, and i liked the results.  Some freckles were removed or got way lighter, and i figured if i do another 4 or 5 treatments, i will be super happy with the results at the end. So i went for my 2nd treatment 2 weeks ago. Im not sure if my memory is foggy, but i remembered like that by 2 weeks after my first treatment dead skin cells were peeling off along with some of the freckles. But now 2 weeks after the 2nd treatment there is no dead skin peeling yet. Maybe the skin on the treated area is slightly red still, but no dead skin cells, and so far i do not see any positive results from the treatment. Do you think I am remembering incorrectly and maybe i will see dead skin shedding away soon ?  Or is it possible that the settings were too low and the treatment was worthless and didnt accomplish anything ? One other note, I remember from my first treatment before the peeling started, I kind of saw a grid on my arm.  Like thousands of tiny dots that the skin like was red that i was able to see the pattern on my arms.  But now, so far i dont see that either.  Let me know if i can look forward in the next week to seeing a grid on my arms , and then seeing it shed dead skin, or if you think the DR just performed this procedure with the wrong settings ?   And if it was bad settings, do you think they would warranty the work and re-do it at no charge ?