Forming a plastic surgery support group?

  • anonnyc
  • ny
  • 4 years ago

What does everyone think about creating a NYC group? Cosmetic surgery is lonely. I want smartlipo, but never met anyone who had it/wanted to. Stories are polarizing, some love/some don't. Many, are alone/don't want their family/friends to know. Let's help each other! Let's meet and support each other. Contact me and I will create a private group.

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I run a support group that offers 1-2-1 or group support if you want to join in to help you with your concerns?
I don't live in NYC but I just got my 2nd smart lipo procedure done 3 days ago and would love to share tips on how to heal faster and how to cope with the pain(: great idea!!
Great I like the topic and definitely and would like to join the website.
Anyone interested in getting smart lipo mpx in the next few weeks? In manahattan? I would love to chat about your Dr. Research and maybe we can support each other?