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Don't forget squats after surgery

  • ABQme
  • Albuquerque NM
  • 3 years ago

Hey gang, I am half day post op and wanted to remind everyone to add squats to your workouts. I would even do "sit squats" (squats to sit on a bench or almost and then back up). These will help your trips to the potty

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Just did a set!! My butt is looking saggy from all this sitting around the past 2 weeks. I will do some squats & plies for now! I can't wait for my butt to stick out again!
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U know when you sit, it weakens your glute muscles, so you could be right about yours looking saggy. I hate squats & lunges, but i am going to do them even more after my MM!
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They are excellent for lifting the booty.  Hurt like hell the next day but so worth it. 
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Equate. AY VAY,,,,, we do need them though..
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Good reminder!   Yes we need strong legs to get through this process.  Squats also help with toning on the thighs.  Smooths some of the lumps and bumps.
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