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RE: Is forehead reduction possible?

  • 4 years ago

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You know what - first of all - you look fine! Google body dysmorphia! But if you are a teenager - your facial bones aren't even finished growing! In a few years your face will look different and the forehead may not seem prominent to you, because your lower jaw may be more prominent and will offset the upper face. You have to look at your face 'globally' - that is what a truly artistic surgeon will do, not take one part of it and focus on. Good luck to you.
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Thank you all for the information. I came upon this site by googling "forhead reduction surgery". Though many of you Doctors have posted here that forhead reduction surgery is "common" Many Dr's offices I have contacted have no clue what I am talking about.They say, "oh yes we give face lifts"(forhead lifts). When I tell them I have a large forhead and I am looking to minimize the size they inform me they do not peform that surgery. I live in Arkansas. I have yet to see any other before/after photos supporting this surgery is "common". The only photos circulating right now are the ones from a plastic surgeon in California. I didn't waant to travel that far. The closet surgeon on this message board is Dr. Kasden. I look on his site but it doesn't look like he offers this procedure. I would like to see my forhead smaller. I am a 28 year old female. Would I loose any of my hair, have any of you performed this type of surgery on an African American? I forgot to mention, my forhead is exactly 7cm directly above my eyebrow to my hairline...Scary.. I heard many of you mention this procedure may change the shape of your eyebrows. How is this possible? One more question, Is the incision from ear to ear? What would shaving of the forhead bone (bossing)be neccessary (if the forhead protrudes)? Would that be included in the procedure fee? Any help and pictures would be greatly appreciated. I hope all of you have a wonderful day. Thank you.
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A browlift performed at the hair line (pretrial) will reduce the height of the forehead. The incison is usually less visible if it is irregular instead of a straight line. It also helps to bevel the incision and starti it just behind the hair. Then when the hair regrows, it wil grow through the incison, further disquising it. Bruising can persist for 1 to 2 weeks. if youdon't want anyone to know what youhave done, hide out for two weeks. It is typically easier for women to hide all tell-tale signs since they can use make-up. Cost varies considerably by area. You would have to have a consultation to determine price..
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