Looking for a Surgeon Within 200 Miles of Savannah, Ga That is a Breast Implant Revision Specialist

  • bubble277
  • Savannah, GA
  • 2 years ago

Looking for a board certified plastic surgeon within 200 miles of Savannah, Ga that specializes in breast implant revision surgery that could help me fix the issues I have at a reasonable price. I cannot take a risk of things being worse by going back to my original PS, check on my profile with pictures for my story. Thank you

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I had breast revision in my right breast 4 for CC in Phila. Pa. I found an excellent Dr in Fairfax Virginia. who finally resoved by issue. His name is Dr Michael Brown. He was excellent and also Fairfax Hospital staff was excellent. I would definately use him again if I had to. The 4 hour drive was well worth it!! Not sure what your issue is but I would be more than glad to help answer some questions for you. Good Luck!!

Hi there,

I do remember your story.

Here is a list of board certified doctors who do breast implant revisions in Savannah. I know Atlanta is quite a drive, but I'm including the list of those doctors, too, since there are so many. Hopefully some Georgia ladies will chime in here and help you find a surgeon to do this revision!