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I'm looking for a surgeon with a similar aesthetic as Dr. Vladimir Grigoryants but located in NYC

  • Sarah in New York
  • 2 years ago

Here is the website for his before and after photos: I love his work but it would be really hard for me to get to California, seeing as I live in New York! Would anyone be able to help me with this? Thanks!

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Those noses do NOT look natural! Are you sure that's the style you like!!?
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Yes. But that's the great thing about plastic surgery, you have to find a doctor whose results you like, not someone else.
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The best rhinoplasty surgeon (according to before and after's, and reviews) in NYC that I found is Dr. Sam Rizk. The noses he "makes" look natural and drastically improved. That said, Sam Rizk is Sam Rizk, and not Dr. Grigoryants. If you want a specific surgeon, go to that surgeon. It would be worth it to fly out to get a procedure done instead of settling for someone in your area even when you are not 100% convinced that he/she is the right doctor for the job. Traveling to get plastic surgery done is not unheard of. There should be a special mention of out-of-towners on his website. I am lucky enough to live in the Glendale area and will choose Dr. Grigoryants for my rhinoplasty procedure, but I would have chosen to go to him even if I had lived abroad. Nobody does noses as beautifully as him and I think he will become the go-to guy for rhinoplasty in the future. Good luck, and I hope I could help a little.
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It's hard to say that one doctor's work is like another's or that you'd be able to get a specific results, since rhinoplasty is so dependent on your own tissues and cartilage structure, etc., but you might want to start with a list of board certified plastic surgeons in your area and start researching them.

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