Looking for support through my Invisalign Journey

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  • 1 year ago

Im in day 3 of tray 1 and I noticed that the gap in the front of my mouth is bigger. There are some other teeth that have shifted as well causing bigger gaps. Also when I chew food I feel like my upper and lower teeth are not aligned and are bumping into each other. Did anyone else experience this and when does it get better? Im scared

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Many times your teeth may just be hitting some of your attachments. I had a lot of shifting with my first tray also.
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I'm not a dentist, but I don't think that there is any way that your teeth could have shifted so much after three days. Have you called your orthodontist's office to see if another dentist or hygenist is covering his/her patients? Another option might be to see your regular dentist (I know that mine received a copy of my evaluation and plan from my orthodontist).
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Here is a Q&A that might help calm your fears:

When I Wear my Invisalign My Bite is Way off. Will This Cause a Problem?

I definitely don't think you are alone in experiencing this, and can understand why it would be scary if you weren't expecting it.

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Thanks Megan. My ortho is out for thesix weeks due to a car accident. So I will be doing these firat six weeks alone. The Q&A helped.
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Oh yikes, 6 weeks is a long time for an orthodontist to have to be away from their office. I feel bad for both of you!

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