For Real?

  • Not That Insecure
  • 9 months ago

I can NOT believe people will pay as much as they do for lumineers. Geeze, How much more does heart surgery cost? They cannot be that expensive to manufacture and I'll bet they don't take that long to install. Seems a lot of dentists prey on the weaker minded... I would like to have some nice looking teeth, but there is NO way on God's green earth that I would refinance, or sell my home, for nicer looking teeth. Sorry, but I am just not that insecure.

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Hi! :)

It has long amazed me how expensive dental procedures are, especially considering how few of them are covered by insurance!  I've seen some people's procedures on here approach the lower end of heart surgery (around $50k) but I haven't seen that high for lumineers…yet.  :).  And of course heart surgery can cost well over $150k--but that's often almost completely covered by insurance!  Lumineers are more of a cosmetic procedure, but something like dental implants are sometimes much more than merely cosmetic.  The difference in quality of life between getting implants and dentures is vast, and yet insurance seems to prefer dentures.  I don't know.

The whole issue of the costs of dental work (especially non-cosmetic dental work) is an important one that I don't think gets a lot of media coverage.