Is it possible for me to ever look normal again?

  • dbecker0346
  • Jersey City, NJ
  • 4 months ago

I had failed orthognathic surgery. Three weeks post-op, surgeon left the country,  My chin was on the left side of my face, could not eat or speak properly,  I choked all the time.   A wonderful oral surgery decided to help but informed me after the corrective surgery that my condylar unit was not intact, missing too much bone to put me back together properly so teeth are torqued to the right, gums have been pulled from left side of teeth (will need a gum graft), the alveolar nerves were severed and gone- could not be repaired, third branch trigeminal was severed and gone, damage to nasal passage- would require a future rebuild beyond rhinoplasty, screw protruding from left side of face and under the eye socket had to be removed.  Throat is shifted to right side and I give the appearance of a bells palsy individual (beautiful look for a a professional classical singer) and I have a permanent lisp because there is no feeling in lip, chin, right side of tongue and no taste.  Between the displaced throat, limited saliva and the inability to chew properly on the left side, I often choke.  I have no smile, lips do not meet, teeth to right and lips to left.  I speak to the right side of my face and the right side of cheek bone is lower than the left.  The reason for the above details is to make everyone aware that I have undergone a correcting surgery, but the deficits are listed above.  I know that a third surgery presents many problems; however, it is difficult to handle the comments from individuals who are void of a filter or from those who are just curious. Dawn Becker