Looking for More Black Woman Pic of Tummy Tuck Before in After

  • Haitianflower
  • orlando,fl
  • 2 years ago

Hello my name is Gisele I'm 29year old Haitian/Dom woman in the Florida area, I'm looking to get a Tummy Tuck in Fat injection into buttock area, with lipo of the upper in lower body parts, I have three boys who are 10,6,2, will be getting a divorce to my asshoe kids father of seven years every soon , so In turn this is a present for me to let me know after all I done thur in the last seven years , I made it to the end will be a life saver for me. I dont know anyone in the DR or Haiti or I'm scared as that part goes, i'm not a loner will be looking for anyone who traveling around the summer time to DR for the same services maybe we can share the time in pain together, I also notices there not a lot of after pictures of female online only before for DR.Walkis .please can ya update picutres please. I dont see any dark female like myself after pictures for her services.