Looking for a MD that specializes in Revision Rhinoplasty

  • AndreaW3
  • Orange County, CA
  • 6 months ago

I had rhinoplasty in the late 90s and have lived with a collapsed septum all these years. It has been uncomfortable at times difficult to breathe as well as ugly. I always shy away from photos. Never taking professional photos ever and anyone close to me that did take a picture new to always take from one side. Looking at a chart I guess the part that is really noticeably collapsed is called "medial crus" it actually falls on the right side  whenever I smile. It's depressing.  So decided to stop taking pictures. I have met with several doctors but always scared on which one to trust and never went through with it thinking it may come out even worse. What the past Dr did to me really made it difficult to trust another dr.Well, I recently met an amazing guy who as luck would have it loves to take photos. Even talking about professional ones... that gives me anxiety at the thought. Also talking about marriage..therefore wedding pictures seem to be in the near future. I am once  again looking into finding the right dr that I can actually TRUST. I felt as though I was completely betrayed trusting the dr that did my surgery and don't know how drs who make such mistakes sleep at night. I'm located in Southern CA, in Orange County. I would appreciate it if someone can suggest some surgeons  that actually are great at revisions as well as stand by their work. Thank you very much!