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Which one is better for lips Juvederm Ultra or Ultra Plus?

  • DandeLLion
  • 2 years ago

I'm considering getting Juvederm Ultra Plus injected into my lips (never had anything done to them prior) because I hear it lasts longer and you get more for your money. But I'd like to hear reviews positives and negatives and perhaps where you got it done (I am in the NYC area).   Thanks!

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I had Juvederm Ultra put in my lips as was advised the Juvederm Ultra plus is for deeper lips and Ultra is best suited for lips, I love it just would research and find a good doctor, cheaper doesnt always mean better, good luck
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Thanks for the response. I had them filled with Juvederm Ultra Plus twice [the second time for correction] and the bottom lip is extremely I'm trying to find a doctor to correct this.
Sorry to hear, before I got them done I did so much research and many different people advised just go for the ultra as the ultra plus is a bit thicker and doesnt work so well for lips but before for the lines that come either side of the nose as they are thicker. Maybe this is the case I dont know I am not a doctor but really hope you sort it and I am sure you will. There are many great doctors on here giving advice. Best wishes x

I'm glad you started this forum. It will be very interesting to hear different community member's thoughts on which is better.

While we are waiting for some people to share their thoughts here is a Q&A you might find interesting:

What's the Right Juvederm Injection for Lips?

Looking forward to hearing what people think!

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