For those who lifted weights prior to surgery

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  • 1 year ago

I am scheduled for BA/BL and TT surgery on 6/20.  I meet with my PS and am of course going to ask him my question, but wanted to see if anyone could give me a "heads up" on what to expect.  I currently do heavy lifting full body strength training 3 times per week and do cardio on the other days.  I'm trying to be as healthy as I can be before surgery and try to preserve what muscle I can.  I am not going to jeopardize my recovery by jumping into things too early after my surgery though. My question is this-if you were doing a strength training program prior to surgery, then how soon did you stop prior to surgery to allow your muscles not to be sore/retaining water/repairing themselves?  I lift as heavy as possible with good form and do mostly HIIT cardio, so I definitely feel the effects after my workouts.

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I worked out until a day or two prior to surgery. It will be a minimum of six weeks before you can do anything but walk after the tt, so I wouldn't stop too far ahead of time. Generally speaking, it takes muscles 48 hrs to repair small tears/heal/grow. So I would say if you take the day prior to surgery off, you should be ok. That being said...I was a serious runner and lifted weights frequently prior to surgery, and I honestly couldn't work out at full capacity until three months post op. I started power walking at four to five weeks post op, but doing much more than that was too much for me. I had a full tt with muscle repair and lipo to abs. No breast work or additional procedures. I was able to do low impact aerobics and light jogging by ten weeks post op, but I honestly was still quite sore from six to nine weeks, so even though my PS cleared me for "anything" at six weeks, I wasn't personally ready. I wrote a lot about exercise in my profile if you would like to check it out.
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Hi Nicole, I was doing boot camp 5-6 days per week before surgery. I was pretty fit, using 10 pound dumb bells and 26 lb kettlebells in my training. I had planned on working out up until the day before surgery but had a sore throat a week before so I stopped then. The cough from that sore throat was sure a killer the first few days after surgery. I had BA and full TT with MR on May 2nd. Not working out has been super hard! I joke with my trainer and tell her I feel the muscle atrophy kicking in...My doctor cleared me to work out starting today! 4 weeks post op and he said I can do anything I want. Personally I plan on starting slow with 5-8 pound dumbbells and maybe hold off on the crunches/sit ups for a few more weeks, but I am excited to start back up! I think I may actually be able to get some visible ab muscles now!! Good luck! Can't wait to hear how it goes!
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