Not Looking for a Huge Butt, But a Cute Bubble Butt and a Waist - Who Would You Recommend?

  • ivfmama
  • Mid Atlantic
  • 1 year ago

Hi I am new here. I am 45 and have always had a square tushy. I have had lipo of lower ab17 years ago and had my boobs done almost 13 years ago. I have an amazing boob doc here in Virginia. But I am looking at traveling to a place that does a lot of BBL's. I am a white girl with a straight waist. Before the boobs I had no curves as I was a A- cup. Anyhoo, who do you recommend for a nice bubble butt? I would say the butt I like the best is Jennifer Biel. Thanks!

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Have sent a private messgae but now know how to use this forum. I am the same, not looking for big booty but cute perky subtle butt. in my pic you can see my butt a bit flatt and not enough curve in lower back. Anyway am much fatter now since Doc M said i need to put on 10-15. I feel and look like shite! You're surgery in 8 days! Good luck. I'll be in Miami around august 13th to have consutation with Dr M. Lemme know how it all goes!

Hi there,

I'm not sure if it will help, since you don't know who/where to go yet, but we do have a find a doctor feature. You just click on the link, choose the city/state and then click BBL. It will then bring up all the board certified surgeons in those areas and any reviews we have for them.

very weird this just now went live. must be some kind of delay in posting to the forum. i have already booked with mendieta.