Looking for a highly experienced doctor in California to perform cheek implants

  • Stella889
  • 1 year ago

I'm a female and am experiencing some midface laxity after weight loss and think that cheek implants would rejuvenate this area..when I was heavier I LOVED my cheeks. They used to be much fuller. I would like to achieve the look that I used to have. What is typically done in this cased? Malar, submalar, or both?

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Hi Stella, Look at my before and after pics. My face was sagging big time after a 80 pound weight loss. My surgeon was great! I had ever heard about cheek implants before.
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There are a couple of ways you can search for doctors on RealSelf. You can use the Find a Doctor tab near the top of the page which allows you to search by area, then either specialty or treatment type. You can also click onto the average costs to display the costs map, then you can read the reviews by area.

If you end up getting your cheeks done please start a review so we can support you through the process and hear how everything goes! :)

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