I'm looking for a good BBL doctor in tampa our surrounding area with reasonable prices please any suggestions

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  • tampa,fl
  • 2 years ago

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Hi I think Dr. Bass might be close. Here is a review from a member here at RealSelf
Danielle01 - Dr. Bass
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*my apologies.... Dr. Bass is in South Florida. I know there's probably wonderful Plastic Surgeons that do BBLs in Tampa... I wish we had reviews for them.
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i've seen his work on here he is great, i got a quote from him as well it 7799, i just cant afford that on top of room and board and food, and travel, if i could afford him he would be my choice, he is also so busy
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Dr Salama all the way! Check out his work and RS reviews, hes the best in FL!
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Hi there,

Here is a list of BBL board certified Tampa doctors. You can click on the doctors names to see the reviews they have on RealSelf. Hope this helps!

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