Looking for a dermatologist experienced with TCA Peel in Montreal, Canada

  • Christie1
  • Canada
  • 1 year ago

After trying numerous sessions of IPL, microdermabrasion, YAG, CO2, fraxel laser, etc., I am looking at the possibility of having a TCA peel to remove my stubborn light brown spots/melasma. I am looking for a dermatologist, who has had successful experiences with TCA Peel, who would be located close to Montreal, Canada. Thank you.

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angie_s_a_m posted a comment quite a while back on the review below mentioning she was from Montreal and wanting to get a TCA peel. You might post a comment to her asking if she ever found someone in your area.

My Experience: TCA 35% for Acne Scarring - Age 23

Thank you Megan!