Looking for Cheap Rhinoplasty with Great Results?

  • thevanishzz
  • 2 years ago

whats the best rhinoplasty clinic thats shows great results yet still is cheap. Clinics offer $6500 on average so i amlooking in to $5000ish. Please help! I know a doctor who is $4800 but i heard his results are awful! please help....

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hey i was in the exact same boat as you ; I'm not sure where you are located but dr.salzhauer did my rhinoplasty (rhinoplasty is his specialty) 4 weeks ago and i could not be more pleased i can't stop looking in the mirror and i actually travelled to miami for this procedure because he was highly recommended by two of my girlfriends that had work done by him; please have a look at his work and he is not expensive shocking i know right; i paid $5000 flat for my rhinoplasty; which is what he typically charges. hope this helps!

Where you are you located?

This is definitely not something you want to make a decision on based on price alone. Or even mostly. This is a really intricate procedure and you need the best doctor you can find. Here's what some doctors say about looking for a great rhinoplasty surgeon.


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Here's a link to our Rhinoplasty topic page, where you can find board certified doctors who perform this procedure, research the average cost reported by our community members, before and after photos, and much more.\

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