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looking for botox in marquette, michigan

  • lebam
  • 1 year ago

I checked in 'find a doctor' but no reviews yet. Anyone know of good injector?

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I live in Michigan and didn't have Botox, but got Perlane. Just don't do it. I can no longer enjoy our beautiful outdoors because of physical symptoms and anxiety to the core that are solely a result of my board certified dermatologist's horrible work. Keep your face and your life. Stay away from anyone coming at your face with a needle. I WISH I HAD
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Worse than that, I went in for Botox which I had had before by her and did just fine but this time I got conned into perlane. Biggest MISTAKE ever. It affected my tendons all over, can barely walk , have flu like symptoms , ache constantly. Been to numerous docs for 2 yrs now and no one can figure out. I was total healthy before. She told me it was 100% safe, just a hyaluronic acid. That's it. After me researching I find that it also has a streptococcal bacterium in it. Also something else. If she had told me that I would have said NO. Also why did she insist I have perlane, she knew my history of only Botox. Was she trying to get ready of some product before it expired? Or what????? To this day no one has figured me out. I've been a guinea pig trying different things. I live in pain ever since that dreaded day, stay in the house in PJ's , no social life, can't golf like I used to a few yrs ago. All because of perlane. RUN! RUN from it or anything at this point. I don't even get the flu shot. Haven't in 30 yrs and no flu. Stay away from foreign things injected into you. You never know if you are going to be the one it RUINS your life. If onlyni could go back to that horrid day and get the truth and said NO. Beware all.
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Run from them all...not worth it.
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Good luck finding a quality injector!

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