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  • Missdimpley
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  • 3 years ago

Can you please share your typical meal plan for first week and 2nd week if possible? I'm getting slimfast, fiber one bars, what else?

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hi ladies I had a tummy tuck because of breast cancer and that was the only way they said the doctors could do reconstruction. i cant eat much of anything with out feeling like a basketball in my gut. plus i cant gain weight. any ideas?
I made chicken rice soup, chili, and beef stew ahead. I didn't even eat anything for nearly a week, other than juice and fruit - no appetite.

Now we're back to regular food, but hubs is still cooking. We've had chicken breasts, salmon, roast beef, etc. I had some leftover sliced beef, so he just had to thaw that, make potatoes, gravy and veg.
That tater tot sound yummy.
Can u give me reciept, please?
hi girls..
What are some frozer meals that i can make a head of time for family and for me.. i have chicken tortilla soup, beef that ill make in crockpot.. for sandwiches or whatever. they like frozen pasta meals.

i am getting alot of yogert, crackers., fruit. and those yummy frozen veggies for me..
does anyone have family favorite that i can pre make.. i would just love any help so i can make is eaier for my husband.

Hi Girl,

I made up ham a potato casserole, spaghetti and meatballs, tater tot casserole, and beef stew for the freezer.  They all freeze and re-heat really well. 

I also had a ton of sandwich items (meat and cheese) on hand, frozen pizzas etc. 
Hey Kimmers I did fine. I took a pain pill about 30 mins before like you suggested. Taking the binder off felt weird.

I was paranoid so I covered my incision and belly button with saran wrap to keep from getting them wet. After the shower I had my mom put a lil neosporin where the drain tube opening was.

I slathered myself with palmers and had my mom massage my back with it, my bruised sides from lipo itched something fierce but the palmers made it feel better.

After my binder was put back on I slept like a baby!

Good deal!   That first shower is so amazing and really makes you feel wonderful and relaxed.  I am glad you enjoyed it! 

I absolutely love the oil and use it every day after each shower.
I didn't get a shower stool, I have a tall plastic step stool that I used lol!
Girl Power indeed!!! You are right about this being the only site like this around because I scoured the net!

Yes I got the food in my throat thing...didn't know what it was but boy was it uncomfortable, I just kept drinking water.

Normally I'm horrible with my water consumption but I'm proud to say I drank over a gallon today! Whoo hoo! Still swollen and bloated but I know it is to be expected. I will update you all about my 1st post-op shower experience tomorrow, wish me luck!
Did you get a shower stool? They are so wonderful!!

How did you do???
This forum is a Godsend!!! I puffed/swelled up something awful this evening after I ate dinner (grilled veggies) I felt like I would bust out of the binder and all!

But because of you guys (especially Kimmers) and all of the great info and experiences I've read on here I didn't panic!

It is absolutely nuts all of the feelings and experiences you go through with this process.  That is why I had to write the guide and love being on the site so much.  There is not any other site in the world like this one...where we can all share and help each other to feel normal. 

Do you get heartburn after you eat.  I did on several occasions and I always felt like the food was just sitting in my throat.  Doc said it was normal and ok.

I tell you that any freaky thing that could happen did happen to me.  I am a bit like a one woman circus.  But it is all good...

Girl Power!!
Hey Spinmama-

Not sure if its because of my tight tummy or the drugs or what but I haven't had much of an appetite and seem to only be able to eat half of what is placed in front of me and then I'm full...I'm not complaining though!

I won't starve myself but losing a few lbs won't hurt me :)

I was complaining after surgery because I could only eat a half cup of food at a time...Ok so why was I complaining.  This was a dream come true so I just enjoyed it.  I normally have a man size appetite so this was heaven.

Hubby thought I was sick because I ate very little for the first month post op. 
I was told your stomach is so tight you cant really eat?? Is that true?

I would say to go with as many fresh fruits and veggies and as much lean protein as you can manage. (And prepare as much ahead of time as possible). Here's what a couple doctors have to say about post-op nutrition.