Follow-up on droopy lids after blepharoplasty - will fat pad removal help?

  • mousse
  • baltimore
  • 4 years ago

Thank you for your responses. I am hoping over the next few weeks they improve. My follow up is at the end of May. I have included my before picture to compare to my previous post. if they do not improve, I was wondering if removing some of the fat removed from the medial and central fat pads would give me a more scuplted appearance.

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I sought out another physician whose specialized in eye plastics. He was wonderful I am 7 weeks post-op and they look so much better. He removed fat, excess skin and lifted my eyebrows. Let me see if i can post a pic. Kathy
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hi i have the same problem 4 scars from stirn lifiting and bleoplasty and still not happy
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im pissed off my eyes are still droppy and my doctor took too much skin from my inner eye that it looks still droopy im so unhappy with rthe result
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Hi mousse -- How are you doing now? Did your follow-up appointment help alleviate your concerns at all?

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i have the same problem did the new doctor help
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