Foggy Brain?

  • Bella863
  • Orlando, FL
  • 1 year ago

Does anyone else seem to have 'foggy brain'?  I just went on line to pay bills and check our bank accounts, and I can't remember hardly any of the passwords or user ID's.  I just feel like someone erased parts of my memeory.  I didn't take any of the heavy pain meds I came home with, just had the anesthesia for surgery, and Tylenol.  Is this weird?

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I was the same for nearly a week. Between all the drugs from surgery, being in pain, not sleeping well and just being out of your normal routine, its enough to mess with anyone's mind! Just rest as much as you can, stay hydrated, eat enough and let someone else help you with important tasks for now. Only do half of what you 'think' you can do for a few weeks. Hope you are feeling a little more like yourself soon! :)
Thanks Ericake! I am doing a little better every day. Trying to drink even more water.

The anesthesia can stay with you for a while so don't worry right now.  Drink lots of water and stay hydrated.  Give yourself some time to heal and all will be fine.  

Thanks Kimmers. I was hoping someone would say that. I am better today with it. I have been drinking tons of water and fruit juices, Especially pineapple.