Flying to Miami for a BBL, but where should I stay!??!?! Need help from the BBL sisters!

  • Culona
  • 2 years ago

I've been reading so many reviews on brazilian butt lifts on, it has become some sort of an addiction! Every other day I'll come back to this site and look around - I'm hooked! The desire to have the BBL done is getting bigger and bigger and I have already contacted epsmiami (Dr. Salama) to see if there is any chance for me to have it done.   It's a bit tricky for me to have the procedure done cause I live in Europe . . . This would mean that I have to fly all the way down to Miami (since I want to go to Dr. Salama). I know how much the procedure would cost and I've looked around for cheap flight tickets to Miami and I've found them - it's not all that bad actually. But my BIGGEST concern is where the heck I should be staying when I actually have had the procedure done!!!!    The clinic recommended a list of hotels with different price ranges, but all of them are expensive! I looked around for hotels myself to see if there are any with low rates but no luck whatsoever...   Ruben (practice administrator of EPSmiami) said that patients from out of town usually stay about 9-10 days, but I thought since I'm flying in from Europe it would be good to stay for 14 days - you never know if I'll need extra time to heal and need to see the doctor.  So since I want to stay for 14 days, I need to find a decent place that won't make me go BANKRUPT! The cheapest hotel I found, where I'd stay 14 days, quoted $1,005!!!! What!??!?! That's CRAZY! I can't be paying $5,899 for the procedure, $1000 for the flight ticket (make that $2000 cause I'm bringing mom with me), then an additional $1,005 for the stay at a hotel!! I'd have a rough total of $8900! Let's not forget that there are other expenses such as food, travel and etc etc...   I am in desperate need of help from all my BBL sisters who went to Miami to have the procedure done, where did you guys stay? For how long? And how much did you actually spend on the accommodation?   Do you have any suggestions as to where one could stay for two weeks without blowing a hole in your wallet? I don't need a fancy hotel, I just need a clean room for me and my mom to stay in while I recover...   I appreciate any help that I get! Much luuuuv