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Fluid 4 weeks after tummy tuck

  • Hana59
  • Minneapolis
  • 2 years ago

I had Aa tummy tuck 4 weeks ago and for 14 days had about 100 cc's per day in my drainage tube.  It reduced to 50 cc's per day during the 3rd week.  On day 24 I had a stabbing pain and some stiches had opened.  I saw my Dr. immediately.  He concluded that the drainage tube may have moved and removed it.  That was 5 days ago and today is the first time I can go in to have the fluid removed.  My stomach has a huge bulge and I am very concerned about how long this will go on.  I feel like I spent so much money to have a flat stomach and am worried about this situation.  Any others with similar experience to reduce my anxiety over this?  Thanks, Hana