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Hi everyone, So I had my reduction 2 weeks ago and have been healing pretty well. My right breast was alot more swollen than the left and when I saw my Dr. today she explianed it was fluid buildup and she drained 60cc from my breast. It immediatly looks and feels better. I have to go back in a week to see if theres anymore. I didnt have drains in after my surgery. Im just wondering if anyone has experienced the same thing? I want to thank everyone for their support, sorry I havent been online to update my progress recently but my home computer has a big virus on it and I cant use it. Even with this fluid buildup issue Im super happy i did the surgery and my new boobs are so cute and perky!  

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Thanks so much for that information I go back on Monday to see how the wound is healing.I will let you know what happens.Hopefully I wont need to be drained and if so I be real numb in that area since Im a baby when it comes to pain. Take care
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When I went into her office she just took a syringe and took out the fluid right there. The first time she took out 60cc's. I made the mistake of looking at the needle (it was so big it looked like a joke syringe you see on halloween!). I almost fainted in her office. I never knew I was such a wimp lol. The second time she did freeze the area a little. It didnt hurt at all to be honest, she just put the needle in and gently pushed around a bit. I went today and its looking much better and didnt have to get drained. My Dr could tell just by feeling that there was alot of fluid in there I suppose your dr would be able to know if thats the best option for you. My dr did say that just by putting a needle into my breast there was the possiblity it could lead to infection, since you have an infection anyway your dr might not want to do it. But Im not a dr he will know whats best! Let me know what happens. Hope you feel better soon.
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Hi glad you are doing better,I had my surgery Aug 17th and I had woud seperation my left breast is more swollen than the other,I seen my P/S and he said I had an infection and put me on antibiotics but one small area underneath my arm is warm because of infection and its draining but I feel its draing slowly.How did you P/S drain your fluid? Did it hurt at all or were you numbed up before?I hate pain but maybe I can ask to be drained since Im still healing slowly
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Good luck on tuesday, let me know how it goes. To be honest I was glad it was fluid because I was starting to worry that I was going to be uneven. As soon as she took it out my breast was noticble smaller and softer, its still swollen though so Im hopeing theres a bit more to come out.
Glad your shirts look better, most of mine dont even fit anymore. Poor me, guess Ill have to go on a shopping spree!!!
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I'm so glad you are happy! I had my suregery a week and a half ago. My right breast is larger, but I don't have pain or anything with it. I don't go back until Tuesday, which will be one day shy of 2 weeks post-op, so we will have to see. I will ask him about it. I just figured it was more swollen because I am right handed and know that I probably have done more than I should on occassion.

Glad that you are happy with your results. I too am pretty thrilled. Even with the swelling I can tell a HUGE difference! My 16 year old son told me today that my shirt looked much better on me now :-)
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