Fluid on ankles and legs

  • catlaw7
  • 1 year ago

I just had my breast reduction 10 days ago and I see my PS on Wed....I just noticed again that my ankles and legs are still swollen with fluid, some days worse than others....anyone else having this problem???  Also, I do not remotely look like I had a breast reduction, I look bigger than ever....so upset...by breast do look a little perkier, but I am still way to large.  I know it has not been long, but how do I get through these troubling times and being angry and upset with my Dr, my husband and just about anyone else right now....I hope that I did not get this done for this kind of a result....Yes, its way to early and mentally I know that, but I just want some kind of smaller breasts...Thanks for listening and is anyone else still have fluid on ankles and legs and breasts?   I know the breast is ok to have fluid this early in the game...ok, rambling and need someone to reassure me....Thanks