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How often are you flossing a day?

  • Southern Sue
  • 1 year ago

I am on my first set of aligners.  I only take them out to eat... three times a day.  I aim at wearing them at least 22 hrs. a day.  I brush after each meal, but I only floss once, in the morning.  Is that enough? 

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I'm only on day two, but find that I'm flossing twice a day, and once a day on occasion. I have a short lunch break (30 minutes) during work. So, even though I work from home, after I fight to get the aligners out and then scarf down my food, I really only have time for a quick floss before I pop the aligners back in and head back to work. I always floss in the evening before bed at the very, very least. I make sure I use mouthwash every time, though - mostly to kill the feeling of the film and worry about the smell. Blah!
I haven't read the dentists answers, but I generally floss after every "food" meal. Mainly because I have several teeth that seem to trap food. I'm very worried about cavities, so I want to make sure that nothing is against my teeth/gums to cause any problem. If I can't floss properly before putting them back in, then I use a soft pick, but try to do a thorough cleaning within an hour or two. I also figure that if I miss something with flossing after breakfast, then maybe I'll catch it after lunch...and so on. You'll find out what works for you and it will soon become second nature. I have one more week to go on my bottom aligners out of 10, but another 20 to go on my top out of 30. I think I would floss at night rather than in the a.m. since you are wearing your aligners the longest at night (assuming). Get your teeth their cleanest at night. Just a thought. Good luck.

I would think that once a day would be adequate. It will certainly be interesting to hear how often other community members are flossing.

I did post this Q&A to hear the opinions of the dentists who volunteer on RealSelf when it comes to this. It usually takes 24-48 hours for them to start posting:

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