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How to fix dog ears after bad tummy tuck?

  • saddenedremorse
  • Stratford, CT
  • 4 years ago

As you can see my doctor managed to screw up my tummy tuck. My concern is the way he proposes to fix it. I want to know by professionals if this is the best way to go about it. He initially said he would lipo the sides and cut them down. Then he changed his mind and said no liposuction just cutting the fat out. Because he must pay for this error, beside my initial fees, I'm wondering if he's doing this to avoid paying extra. IS this the best way to fix it? Please Help

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I will post an updated photo tonight..its not just a dog ear. I would like to know if liposuction and cutting the skin more will fix this is one or both procedures nescesarry?
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I am revising my full tummy tuck, I have bulges over the sides in my flank area, they pinch. I am having the procedure done in the office under a local, anyone have the same experience?

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