How can I fix the creases under my eyes?

  • 4887anon
  • Georgia
  • 4 years ago

I have these creases under both eyes. They're fairly deep--deeper than is shown in the picture. I've had years of acne, and I've gone through lots of treatments that have really taken a toll on my skin. I'm only 20 and already I've got these wrinkles.

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try natureleyes. I tried almost eveyrhting but my skin is pretty sensitive so some even burned a little and in the end i found natureleyes. cant remember what site it was on but im sure a search engine will help you. i got it online, i remember that much but its natural so no more burning and it lifts instantly. works for me, hope this helped. good luck and works on smile lines as well and other fine lines and wrinkles

Hi there.  So sorry you haven't gotten a response sooner!  I found these great answers on RealSelf to facial creases and how to get rid of them