I've finely decided to have reduction surgery at the age of 32

  • ohiogirl32
  • ohio
  • 2 years ago

After alot of deciding I've finely made up my mind about having reduction surgery. I have my first appointment with a DR Susan Vasko from Ohio in Oct. I'm also looking at another doctor...A dr. Mark Preston. I still have a few concerns like how long it normally takes after the consult to have the surgery. Also how small should I go? I'm a 34G, 5'10", med built. I'm thinking a D but I don't know if I should go smaller. I currently have horrible back pain and don't think I can handle it any longer. I've put off having the surgery for so long because I was really happy with what I have. I'm 32 years old and I just can't do it anymore. I would really like to have the surgery this year due to insurance reasons. I'm worried but I think this is the best for me. Any words of wisdom or help would be nice. Really what to expect.Thanks

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