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Finding a plastic surgeon who specializes in Body Lifts (both Upper and Lower)

  • apmende
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • 10 months ago

I'd like to find a board certified plastic surgeon in the LA area that has done a lot of upper and lower body lifts. How do I go about finding out this information?

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With the great amount of weight that you have lost there is only one man for the job, Dr. Katzen, not only does he specialize in weight loss patients, but those who have lost several hundred pounds. Do a web search and find his site and watch the TLC TV special he did, where he shows two surgeries he preformed on two former large people. His consults are free and he is a wonderful doctor...
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I assume you are post massive weight loss? Dr. Agha of course. Dr. Katzen is another. LA area has many many choices!
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