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I can give a review of Dr. B. Bergus.
He is the cosmetic sergeon at the vein and cosmetic surgery center and is sooo awesome! He is located in Southborough, MA and here is a link:
I had my hips and stomach smart lipoed and it looks fantastic! Dr.B I really nice and funny. I would recommend him to anyone considering smart lipo. (: good luck guys!!!
were you thin everywhere else to begin with? How long was your surgery - i need to lose about 25 lbs but am hoping my abdomen smartlipo will take care of a lot of it. He said the procedure would take 4 hours. That scares me - any feedback? I have also read about horrific recoveries with swelling and bruising
thanks for any input
I was wearing a size 6 in women's pants and a size medium in shirts. I did no measurements of stomach or anything beforehand. I had horrible (genetic) hips and a strange dip in my stomach before the surgery. Yes, there are horror stories and to be honest finding a good surgeon is a complete hit or miss. My mother actually have been to a few bad doctors and have had complications. If your doctor does the same as mine you will not be knocked out, he gave me a hydrocodine (for pain) and lorazepam (for anxiety). After that he will give you an i.v. Of pretty much "sugar water" then you will go on the table. He then will give you many shots all on the operating area which will numb you and help the fat "liquidize" for easier removal. For the first 10 minutes you will be completely awake but I found that after that you will start drifting off into sleep. If you feel pain tell your doctor and they should be able to give you another numbing shot. The time flies by and you won't even notice it. You will be in an "off" or "drugged" state for at least three days because of painkillers. When I woke up I had fluid drains hanging out of my body and it is very very very important that you change them often or else you will get an infection. Your doctor should provide you with a compression suit and dressings for your drains. Firmness of the skin and numbness is normal to experience and will be completely gone after 6 months. After having my drains for four days my doctor took them out and I was told to squeeze any remainig fluid out of them. You may need dressings still on them because of the fluid still in your body and you will leak in the middle of the night. About 3 days after that you should be able to start using regular band aids and ointment. After the surgery your body will retain fluid so I suggest a diuretic to help. You will not have your complete results until about 6 months have passed. With a combination of a healthy diet, liposuction and minimal exercise I have lost 10 pounds so far and this is only a few months after surgery. I do not regret my surgery and the only reminders I have of it is my awesome new figure and itty bitty scars that look like bugbites. The only people that know of my surgery outside of the doctors office is my mom and anonymously on here. You should go through with it. Best of luck


Does anyone know Dr. Gordon Telepun in Decatur, AL? I don't know much about him and wanted to know if anyone knew him or could give me any info.


I cant seem to find any reviews on Dr. Jacono of Great Neck NY. Has anyone worked with this surgeon before? If so, how were the results? Thanks!


Has anyone used Dr. Jeffrey Ascherman? Can anyone give me reviews because I am having trouble finding reviews on him. Thank you.