Finding a board certified doctor

  • luzpersian
  • Northern Virginia
  • 4 years ago

Hi I live in Northern VA. IM considering to have a plastic surgery, pretty much makeover ... lipo,tummy tuck, breast aug, lipo around tighs area and possibly brazillian butt aug.

How to check if the doctors are board certified? And how much the estimited cost? Im 5'1. I was 170 lbs and now I lost 65 lbs. I maintain my 105 weight for 5 yrs. Hope u guys can help me. Thank you very much

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The plastic surgeons listed on RealSelf are all board certified

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You can find a board certified plastic surgeon You can meet the doctor ask if they are board certified in PLASTIC SURGERY MEMBER of the AESTHETIC SOCIETY experience, and decide if your personalities fit. are they available to you, what is your goal of the surgery and what can be achieved realistically. Discuss the complications and risks, revision policy, cost