How do I find the best doctor? I am in AZ but could travel for the right doctor.

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I posted this in the doctor Q&A but got no replies... I'm sure I'm not the only one who has read the horror stories here, and it makes you realize how important choosing the right doctor is.  I have been researching for a while and I don't know anyone who has had procedures done to recommend a doctor.  There are several excellent reviews of doctors out of my area, but repeated visits and the follow up concerns me.  Do I look for an oculoplastic (eye) surgeon for the eye issues? I have ptosis (medically droopy, might even be covered by insurance I guess?) and other issues (orbital fat herniation, aging eyes, jowling, submental fat, volume loss).  Do oculoplastic surgeons do facelifts?  Would 2 surgeons work together on one face?  So many questions..Looking for the serious lifting type of facelift (and upper and lower bleph) nothing mini or lite.Cost is not my primary concern, I have only one face.. Also might get other work done, and believe I am an excellent candidate for the results I want.Any advice is appreciated...Thanks!

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Ok, I'll go first. Hey, Southern....having considered facial surgery for quite a while all thought centers around what needs to be done, when it needs to be done and who should do it. Here are some thoughts: Practice makes perfect in most things. Consider a faces-only PS just because his career depends on getting faces right AND because he probably does 100-150 facelifts plus other facial procedures per yr. If you have ptosis you may want to consider an oculoplastic surgeon who does a lot of that specific surgery as well as cosmetic eye procedures. Secondly, on what needs to be done and when. When a surgeon does both a brow and upper eye at the same time and something post op isn't quite right (eye doesn't close completely, lid margin is irregular, etc) how do you know which of the procedures has created the problem. Also if you doc is having a bad performance day (and from the looks of things on RS that happens) you now have a real mess with tons of procedures crammed into one session. Most patients want it done all at once for the convenience of one downtime. Docs want multiple procedures at one time so they can ensure THEY are the one doing the procedure (you may change you mind on part B if time lapses). In response to 2 surgeons working together. Most plastic surgeons feel they can fix ptosis so they won't think they need any additional help. Do you want the guy working on your face lift to be begrudgingly "c0-authoring" your facial remake? IMO I would do your surgery in 2 stages doing the facelift first and then doing the eyes. If the same surgeon were doing both, that is the sequence he would usually do the procedures. There's no reason you can't do the same~ the only difference is that you will be using the talent of 2 docs with different specialties.
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Thank you Grace, excellent points. My original plan was that I was going to just get my eyes done (and ptosis fixed) and maybe lipo under the neck and see how that went. Then I read all the advice and seems like for a woman my age the facelift/necklift is pretty much always done? Do you think it would be less than ideal to stage eyes first, followed by FL, if necessary? Looking at my face yesterday, I have almost no lines or wrinkles, just that volume loss / sag thing :( Ughhhh. I have pics posted on other posts btw. Again, thank you for sharing your experience in your thoughtful response, I am probably making this harder that it really is lol
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It is almost impossible to get a straight answer from the docs. A woman had decided to have a face/neck lift from one doc and her eyes done by another and she asked which order to do them. Almost every response went like this : "there's no need to use different PS, in my hands I can accomplish miracles with multiple procedures." So, in an attempt to corral them into answering the scheduling question she was trying for, I asked it in a way they had trouble side-stepping with their usual self serving answers. So go to RS site and there you will find the thinking on why you might do a facelift first. Has to do with excess skin bunching. Once you see how much has occurred then you can address the eyes accordingly. I am retired and not that worried about downtime. Upper eyes are really a very quick recovery with little bruising and swelling if just a cosmetic issue. Not sure what a ptosis repair involves. Had mine when I was 42. Lower eyes are a different matter with more bruising. And a facelift is major compared with either of these. So if you do it in stages, the facelift will take a lot more out of you and the recovery will probably be doubled to feel and look great...grace
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You may want to check out Dr Weinfeld in Austin, TX who is not a faces only guy but has got a lot of face training beyond just facelifting. Look at his site and his section on eyes. If you're going to do fl and eyes separately in different years as opposed to within a couple of months of each other then it truly doesn't matter the order. I haven't had a facelift and had my eyes done decades ago.
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