How to find the absolute best doctor?

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  • 2 years ago

I'm on the first step of this journey.  I have been waiting for this since I gave birth to my first.  I'm finishing up breastfeeding my second now so I'll be ready to start going on consultations soon.  My body is wrecked and I need a really good doctor.  I haven't been able to get any word of mouth recommendations from friends.  I have checked out reviews on here but I am wondering: who is known as the best doctor for these procedures?  I'm in the CA Bay Area but also willing to travel to LA.  Thanks!

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Thanks for your input littlefizzer. I'm glad you found "the one" and I will definitely go on lots of consults before I choose.
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Your welcome, glad I could help
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Glad that I stumbled upon your post. I had the same problem. I am the only person that I know in AZ that doesn't know anyone (yet) with plastic surgery so I can't go by word of mouth. I started researching via realself and also co-linked it with a local magazine called best of phoenix. Each year they pick top docs for plastic surgery rated by other docs as the "best of the year in business". I went to 3 consults before I found the right person for me. Honestly, don't just go off of this site and who anwsers questions the most. Look at the results. How long have they been in practice? Are they board certified Plastic Surgeons? Honestly, I didn't know Dr. Rey in Beverly Hills was NOT a board certified PS. Basically that means that he is certified in a different disipline and not in plastic surgery. The point that most forget is safety. Safety should be the #1 concern, before price etc. The only real way to ensure safety is to have a board certified PS. That being said, google, google and google until your eyes start burning. Until you find good results on plastic surgery sites and a few good reviews don't just pick a doctor. I had to go to 3 consults so be prepared. When you don't have word of mouth, it is a lot harder to find all of these qualities that we look for and can ask others. What's funny is that I was at a fundraiser and ran into a lady and told me she had a mommy makeover. After I had already booked my surgery with my PS, she told me that is the same one she went to. Makes me feel so good that I didn't just settle on the first consult and did my research to find the right doc for me. Some doc's will be good but may not be right for you. Never be afraid to go to 10 consults before you find the right one-its your body and you deserve to have the best results. Check it there is a local magazine that rates top plastic surgeons in your area, check out the actual google reviews, md vital reviews and this site is an okay resource as well. Good luck!
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Thank you Angiemcc, I will watch it. I can't wait for the journey to begin... 3 months until I wean.
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Welcome to RealSelf! What a journey you're in for. But the results are generally so outstanding. There is no absolute best surgeon, but the good news is that you live in an area with many board certified plastic surgeons who could do a great job on you. Go to the find a doctor tab above to check them out.

Also, Dr. Elizabeth Lee who is in your area did a webinar on Tummy Tucks last year. You can check it out here.

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