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How to find a reputable Thermage provider?

  • 6 years ago

Hi, I'm getting the thermage procedure done on my hips and thighs. I just
want to make sure where i'm getting it done is a reputable place. How do I
find out?

I'm afraid that I won't see results and for the amount of money i'm paying
it's alot. Help, thanks Catherine

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Its important to understand that any specific "award", designation or credential by a physician may have little to do with training, outcomes, patient satisfaction or even ability. Designations can be awarded for things as insignificant to the prospective patient as the amount of money a physician has spent as a customer of the technology company. When a physician lists "awards" or "credentials", don't accept those you haven't heard before at face value. Ask specifically what qualifies someone for the designation, what was involved in earning this and even what was paid to get the designation. Consider the airline magazine "best doctor" listings. Those are paid ads--its simply money that determined the doctor to be "best". Designations that are meaningful include: board certification by a member board of the American Board of Medical Specialties (, membership in organizations that emphasize and require board certification in ABMS specialties that include training in cosmetic procedures, (ASAPS, ASPS, AAFPRS, ASDS, AADM, AAOPRS), membership in sub-specialty groups, membership in local medical societies, state license. The companies that make everything from technologies like Thermage, to injectables to breast implants all offer training and certificates of completion for training. Find out what was involved before considering the value of any of these: Was it lecture or hands on training? For how long and by whom? Was the trainee reviewed for competency after the training and by whom? Where individual outcomes assessed in any way? Before and after pictures are then a great way to see the results your doctor has achieved to feel further confident in his/her abilities, but look at photos critically. Anyone in this day can be a better expert in photoshop than he or she may be in cosmetic procedures. Look for same distance, same angles, same lighting. Ask for references to satisfied patients. I'm not suggesting anyone be skeptical, but pull together all the info you can on a provider. Don't be naive. Be an educated consumer who makes decisions based on fact, not on fluff.
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My first question is: What are you trying to treat with Thermage? What are your goals, or what are you hoping the outcome will be? Next, I would make certain that you discuss specifically your appearance concerns and treatment goals with a doctor who not only performs Thermage, but also other treatments that he or she can offer to address your appearance concerns. Specifically this would be a board-certified plastic surgeon who performs both non-surgical and surgical treatments of the body, or a dermatologic surgeon who performs limited liposuction and offers more than one technology solution. Evaluate carefully the predictability, the safety, and the investment you will make among your treatment options. Then, choose what has the greatest value to you.
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