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Did you find electrolysis painful?

  • 6 years ago

more so then waxing? scared of getting zapped around bikini line for obvious reasons!

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Giving Birth is painful. Boob job, painful. Getting stubborn blackheads extracted from nose during facial little more tolerable but painful. If you can do or have done any of those you can easily tolerate Electrolysis. Discomfort always depends on patient's tolerance but during treatment there is a definite sensation that should be noticed. Certain areas of the body are also a little more sensitive than others. Whatever the case, once the hair is gone, you will forget all the discomfort you ever went through and will start loving the new you! Keep in mind, Electrologist's have been trained to work within your comfort tolerance. NEVER hesitate to express yourself and how you feel. -ArlenaParker, Electrologist Studio City CA
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