How Can I Find a Doctor Who Has in Office Financing ?

  • glitterbunnypink
  • El Paso, Tx.
  • 2 years ago

I wan a breast Aug. and i can't get financed. I am a responsible person and i have no debt. that seems to be the prob. No credit history and no one will help me out. I need to find a doctor in El Paso, Tx. that will help me finance through his office, there has to be select cases like me where we have no credit and no one will give me a chance. why am i punished for not being in debt, but people i know who are in debt can get what they need. i will end up going to a dr. who charges 3500 here,

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I've never seen even a private company (e.g. a doc's office) that didn't run a credit check before approving financing. It sucks but they do want someone who has a track record of paying things off. :(

This is more general advice, but when I was 18 and had to build credit, I got a BP gas card. It had a $100 limit (ha!) but after a few months of paying it off on time, I qualified for a starter credit card. I don't recommend using it as credit (just pay it off every month), but you'd be surprised how quickly my score jumped just from these little things. Certain banks will also let you monitor your score, and you're legally entitled to one free credit report a year, so you can see how you're doing before you apply for "real" credit for surgery.


It's hard when you're just starting out and don't have a credit history yet. Many doctors offer Care Credit. You'll probably just have to get on the phone and call around to see what your options are. Good luck!