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  • Gbaby1031
  • North Carolina
  • 1 year ago

I have been starting to collect pictures of what I want my end result to be. Should I save pictures of bare breasts, bikini top, bra, and clothes? It seems like any size breast could look nice and full with the right push-up. I guess I could say I want this cleavage without a push-up. How many pictures should I collect? How do I know how to achieve the look I want? Or, even better, how do I know what look I want ?!?

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You will definitely need to decide what "look" you want. A small collection of your ideal breasts or "wish boobs" is a great way to begin this process. In fact, some doctors actually require photos. Nude photos are best as you can see cleavage, profile and much more. The next step is to get several doctor consults. This does not mean you have to commit to the surgery, but it will help you in you research. Good luck on your journey!