I Finally Did Plastic Surgery

  • luowenji
  • 1 year ago

I want to share my experience about plastic surgery.   Because of appearance complex, I spent every day with stress in the past. I took surgery on overall face during this holiday. I did double eyelid once before, but my eyes were mismatched each other and nose was hooked and deviated.

First, I took this picture before surgery. And I took these pictures just before the surgery. Even though I was scared to do surgery, but I am so happy to imagine my face after surgery.   Actually, I did double eyelid surgery once before, but they are mismatched each other, so I did re-surgery for double eyelid and eye line correction together. I did lateral canthoplasty and eye lowering surgery. I asked surgeon to make really big eyes.   And. My nose is little deviated and hooked. I did septal cartilage humpectomy, septal cartilage tip plastic surgery and alar reduction together. I did fat grafts on cheekbones, forehead, slanting fold around the mouth.   I had no memory after anesthesia.   I took this picture in the recovery room.   I took this picture in home just after the surgery, I could not lie down,   The 2nd day. Terrible face because of swelling.   The 3rd day. Swelling…   The 4th day, except for fat grafts areas, the swelling disappear little by little.   The 5th day, I applied ice pack regularly for removing swelling.   The 6th day, this morning.   I even cried before, because I really long for plastic surgery. I spent really hard time before surgery. But after surgery, I am so happy. I am so happy to imagine my face after swelling disappears completely. I believe I will be more beautiful after this hard time.