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I am a 41 year old mother of 3 children (22,20 & 17). I am about 5' 9" and weigh about 185. I know I am a little overweight but not too terribly much. All of my children were large babies and I had very long labors and deliveries. I have an umbilical hernia as well as my muscles in my abdomen are separated. I have been hoping to have this surgery for the last 17 years!! I go to my first appointment with my ps on Thursday. I don't expect to wear a bikini after all is said and done, but it would be nice just to wear clothes that actually fit! My husband is very supportive of this but we just haven't had the means or time to do it until now. I am super pumped!! I will try to post pictures later (if I can manage to bring myself to do that)! Yikes!!

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I give up! I have tried to post a review for my upcoming procedure 4 times and I never get a confirmation page. Not sure what I'm doing wrong, but I'm messing up somewhere!!
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I agree with Kimmers - don't say no to a bikini yet since you really don't know how wonderful your new tummy will look. You're only 41 years young. I'm 55 and am still rocking a bikini. If I can do it, so can you!

Best Wishes
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OK! I guess I am an idiot because I don't know how to upload pics to this site!! Somebody help me out please!
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Hi there! To upload pics you need to click on the review tab and then write a review and you will see where you can upload pics in your review. You can update your review with new news and add new pics as the days/weeks pass! Good luck!!
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Woohoo! My tt and lipo is scheduled for July 19!!! I don't think my family will be able to stand me for the next 4 weeks! ;) I will try to post some pics this weekend.
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LOL..well you have all of your girls here on RealSelf.  We will help buffer the blow for the family. 

Yes yes please post the pics:) 

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Don't be shy:)  We have all posted our double muffin tops out here and have survived. 

Don't cross the bikini off your list just yet.  You may be wearing one soon.    Age doesn't matter and once you have the flat tummy you will love shopping for the bikinis. 

Keep us up to date on everything.

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