just had final surgery yo fix my severe tubular breasts but I my 400cc implants look too small? I am 5days post op.

  • emily508
  • uk
  • 1 year ago

I had bilateral removal of becker breast expanders (expanded to a big E cup), capsulectomy and mastopexy and insertion of 4oocc and 440 cc implants. I had the expanders in for 10 years my original breasts were severely deformed and one was an Acup and the smaller was an AA. I am 5ft2 and 135 lbs and like a busty look. I am still bandaged and have a post surgical bra on but my final breasts seem so small its really getting me down.

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You are still in the very early stages of healing. Final results can take 3-6 months. Have you noticed any changes the past few weeks? Often time the breasts fluff out a bit as they drop. Hope your recovery is going well.

Yer I am 3 weeks post op and they look great x Thanks

Oh, that's so great to hear! Hope you can share your experience and review your doctor in a review soon. Enjoy your new look!